No One Sees You Cry, …

LanternFest Welders

… when you weld. This is a Dan-ism that Anne recalled. Welding throws-off sparks of molten metal. When they land on the welder, they burn. This hurts, a lot. The welder’s mask hides your face; so, no one sees you cry, when you weld. We were reminded of this saying, while watching the Chinese workers weld the sets for the upcoming Missouri Botanical Garden’s Lantern Festival.

Saint Louis will host the largest US exhibition of larger-than-life, lighted works of art from China. “Lantern Festival: Art by Day, Magic by Night” will attract visitors from throughout the country to experience one of China’s most treasured events and ancient traditions, the annual lantern festival. Elaborate outdoor sets crafted of silk and steel will celebrate Chinese culture through bold color, dazzling light and striking design. The exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to witness a spectacle rarely staged outside of Asia. Next month, you will be able to view the “art by day” or experience the illuminated “magic by night”.

I captured the workers welding the steel frames, in a corner of the garden’s parking lot. A front page article in the paper captured the action within the tents. Skinners apply the silk fabric that brings these sets to life. Men do the welding and women work the fabric. The following video shows the finished products.

I was standing around, waiting, when Anne came out of the Ridgeway Center and announced that there was a group of women dressed-up in the lobby. I grabbed my camera and asked Anne to wait for me. These two agreed to let me take their picture. Playing my role as the cultural ignoramus, I asked them if they were part this year’s big Chinese festival. They were wearing Japanese garb. This group of local girls, just dressed-up and toured the Japanese gardens. When you think about it, it is a brilliant idea. MoBot’s Japanese Garden is a priceless set for such live action drama. I’m pleased as punch to see this in the Lou.

Garden Geishas

For what was only a potty stop, our layover at the gardens generated a lot of blog fodder. We got out on the bikes today. Yesterday, was too wet for us. No severe weather, no “mass devastation” or even “complete destruction” as the Weather Service is now warning people. There might have been some dogs and cats living together, but no mass hysteria, at least not yet. Another round is due tonight.

We got up too late to do the Trailnet ride and by the time we hit the park, the Go! marathon was over. When we passed the visitor’s center a line of porta-potties were punctuated by two that had fallen over. It was very windy. Anne called out to any occupants, “Is anybody in there?” She was joking, but passing them again, I asked the same question, “Is anybody in there?” I gave my own answer, “It’s me, Anne, my cousins have locked me in.” We got 26.2 miles. 😉

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