Naked Seed

Japanese black pine - male

I planned to post, but since I had double posted the day before, I planned to skate. Depending on when you read this, I either skated or not. I’ll let you, the reader decide. The photos are from the Botanical Gardens. The following teachable moment is courtesy Anne. Any inaccuracies could be laid at the feet of Practically Perfect Pooh. That would be wrong. Following along the thoughts of my friend, the “Perma-Bear”, I the “Great Dissembler”, should be responsible. This post is just fill and fare anyway.

Japanese black pine - female

Pictured with this post are the male and female reproductive organs of the Japanese black pine. With Anne’s help, I laid-out the taxonomy of this tree below. She taught me her mnemonic device: Kangaroos Playing Chess On Fussy Green Squares, to remember this sequence.

  1. Kangaroos = Kingdom = Plantae
  2. Playing = Phylum = Pinophyta
  3. Chess = Class = Pinopsida
  4. On = Order = Pinales
  5. Fussy = Family = Pinaceae
  6. Green = Genius = Pinus
  7. Squares = Species = thunbergii

What tripped this post was Anne’s explanation that pine trees employed gymnosperm, or naked seed. I could have delved deeper, but not kept my supposed PG-13 rating. If gym means naked, what does gymnasium mean?

3 thoughts on “Naked Seed

  1. Not to be too FUSSY, but my mnenomic is Kangaroos Playing Chess On FUZZY Green Squares. Also, for those of you who want to go beyong PG-13 learning, right next to gymnosperm in the dictionary is gymnosophist. You can look it up, gentle reader, but you have been warned.
    “Love Among the Pines” — another title for this post, or a good romance novel?
    –The Regen half of RegenAxe

  2. And, that was a Saturday post. I actually tried that comment last night, but some piece of technology did not want to cooperate.

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