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The above object was exhibited and sold at the CalArts MFA Graduation Show Fundraiser. It was held this year at Suzanne Vielmetter Projects, which is a very notable commercial gallery in LA, it has a page for the show. Here is the gallery’s description of Dan’s work. His piece sold early and he might score another commission too.

Folkloric Faraday Cage (2012)
Bird Cage, kit-based model,
Thread, paint, steel, brass mesh
8” x 8” x 17”

This is actually Dan’s second show this year. His first and main show was his MFA Thesis Show that occurred last month. He is still waiting on pictures from this show, as am I, but in the meantime I’ll share the photos that are already up on the Calarts website. Dan had two pieces that were grouped under a rubric that I’ll not repeat here. After all, this blog is banned in Maplewood. There is no need to make things worse. Warning, explicit language is used.

“The Allegory for Irresistible Force Confronts the Metaphor of the Immovable Object” is the name of Dan’s first piece. It spans a room that is 100′ wide. It is constructed from wood, flocked vinyl, a rock from the beach that was trailered to LA, a nylon strap to hold the rock and 1000 squirrels. Dan and many of his friends worked many long hours making and paint those squirrels. The other piece, “Asterisms in Representation” is constructed from thread and LEDs. In case you were wondering, asterism comes from astronomy. It means a cluster of stars smaller than a constellation.

So what does Dan plan on doing with his 100′ long art work? He plans on cutting it up into one foot sections. Some sections will go as thank you gifts to his army of squirrel painters. The rest he plans on selling. I’ll keep you all posted on this and when more photographs become available, I’ll post those too. Dan has two or three more art shows for the summer. This is good news, but may also mean that he won’t have time to accompany us on our tour of California. We’ll just have to hang tight and wait to find out.

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