Totally Crickets

Fork and Shadow - An Art Project

Thank goodness it’s Friday, and it is Good Friday at that. Anne and I are looking forward to a quiet Easter holiday. It will be just the two of us. I think that we’ll go out for Easter dinner. It will be less fuss and could be cheaper than home cooking. The weather forecast looks good, so there will be cycling. There is also the annual Easter car show in Forest Park, this is always worth attending.

This Friday night is date night, dinner and a show with my sweetie. We have tickets to the Rep. They are performing their last show of the season, Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors”. It should be a fun show, there will be more on this subject later. Now where to dinner?

This week’s blogs have been about TED, the census and the boys. All pretty good posts, if I do say so myself. I expected a big response from the census post, except for Jay, it was totally crickets. [OK, Jane just barely managed to slip in under the wire.]

So, what’s been happening here in the Lou? Anne worked an election on Tuesday. There wasn’t much on the ballot, just one bond issue for a new county courthouse that passed. I am sorry to say that I didn’t even bother to vote, but Anne did. Election officiating is pretty tough work. Anne gets up at four, is there by five and doesn’t return home until after seven. She came home hoarse from talking all day with the other election officials. Anne corrects me on the ballot; there were junior college trustees to select. This assumes you knew who to vote for. Anne further said that one of the trustee races was neck-and-neck. Are there that many informed voters, or is this just an example of statistical averaging, half vote for the first and half vote for the last.

For me, the Prius has been beeping at me. None of the idiot lights come on, so I don’t know why it feels the need to sound off. I brought it by the dealer, for its scheduled checkup. I mentioned the beeps and they could find nothing recorded on the computer. Today, it again beeped at me. I was driving along and it just beeped. As cryptic as it is, at least beeping counts for feedback these days. Chirp!

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