Dave’s Travels

Fort Lauderdale

Not too long after returning from his conference in San Diego, Dave hit the road again. Through the FBI, Facebook investigations, we discovered that David had gone on spring break. Dave is either a reticent man or his parents are no longer cleared to his life, so the clues were few, but enquiring minds wanted to know, so we called him. He drove to DC, where he lived last year, hung out with friends and then they flew to Tampa. Originally, the plan was for the Keys, but Fort Lauderdale was more affordable. After some pestering, he sent me the above picture of the beach, shot from his hotel room balcony. I edited out the roommate holding the obligatory beer. For any anecdotes about spring break hijinks, you’ll have to ask Dave directly. Good luck with that. 😉

Dave booked his flights for Hong Kong. They are not as expensive as I thought that they would be. My cost is $0. I luv the great state of Indiana! He’ll connect back through Tokyo and meet us in LA. Wisely, he followed my old mantra, if it’s not Boeing, I’m not going. Unfortunately, he’ll land a day late to attend Dan’s graduation ceremony. He’ll accompany us on our subsequent trip north. We’ll visit Yosemite. Then we’ll be in Monterey for my Dad’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! Then on to San Francisco for the weekend. Afterwards, we’ll return to the Midwest, the heartland we love best. What about Dan? You will have to stay tuned until tomorrow to find out.

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