Horrible Stompy Beasties!!!

Dan's Gift Certificate

This sketch, along with other flotsam and jetsam was left behind in the wake of the boys’ twin departures. I especially love the artistry in this gift certificate from Dan to Dave. It is a nice drawing combined with witty, well-printed text. For the uninitiated, this certificate deals with the miniatures game of Warhammer and not the derivative video game. Dave eventually received a model very similar looking to the graphic, but without the Christmas element.

I also admire Dan’s artistry, because I also gave a hand-written gift certificate this last Christmas. I bought Anne (and me) a new coffee grinder for Christmas. The old one inexplicably was broken, when we returned from summer vacation. Would anyone know anything about that? Buying your spouse a kitchen appliance is seldom a romantic gift. To make it more poignant, I included the gift certificate. I promised to make Anne coffee this year. I would become her so-called latte boy. In retrospect, getting Dan to draw me a gift certificate could have made things easier, at least for me and likely with just as personal a touch. Anyway, this way I get the coffee made the way I like it.

I still have my cold, but I felt better today than I did yesterday. I went to work (again) today, but Anne had the day off. She took advantage of her day off and the pleasant weather, to get in a bicycle ride. She got 24 miles and managed to tie my mile mark. Oh, did I forget to mention that I had taken the lead in this little horse race, of ours? Or, were you just not paying attention? Anyway, it’s a tie again. Anne was gracious not to take the lead by a mile or so, but then she probably figured (correctly) that I would go out tonight to get that mileage back, besides as of writing, she has tomorrow off too. 

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