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Dave - A Self Portrait

On Sunday morning, I was engaged in my usual surf-fest, at that moment, while lying on the couch, under a throw blanket, iPhone in hand. I came upon Time Magazine’s 50 best websites of 2011. I am sorry to report that RegenAxe was not on the list. One website that was, and gave me an idea for a photography project, was Dear Photograph. The idea of this website is to hold up an old photograph of a location and then shoot a photo with the old picture in situ. Chevrolet has co-opted this technique for their commercial campaign to commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

This idea led me to the basement, where I found and hauled up a copier paper box of old photos. Sorting through this box, I discovered that most of the photos were either baby pictures or photographs taken while on vacation. That is to say, out-of-town. So, I tabled that idea, but I did find a treasure trove of blog fodder. I have already scanned in many of these pictures. The one above, shot by Dave himself, is just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t think that the dining room table has been that well polished in years.

Speaking of Dave, he sent out a dispatch from the front, the frontiers of science that is, via Facebook. In his words, “nothing but stats classes might have been a mistake”. One of his friends quipped in response, “On the bright side… Now you can quantify your odds of survival. :D”

During these winter months, when the light is low and it is cold outside, photos to feed the blog become dear. Be prepared for trips in the way-back machine. You might even see yourself one day, or rather your younger, more hansom/beautiful self. We have an extensive catalog and I intend to exercise it. Brou-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! 😈

Part of the reason that I am acting badly, is because I have a head cold. I feel badly, so why shouldn’t I act badly too? The cold is in its messy aftermath now, so my head is full of phlegm. Tell me it’s snot true. Did you hear me, Jane? I said phlegm. What would Miss Manners say? I should probably slip in some mucus too. That way, I’m sure Miss Manners would say that I am acting jolly disgusting. Well, Boogers!

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  1. Yes Le Marquis. I heard you. but as pointed out in your blog, we are all older and wiser now. and I don’t recoil like I used to….. sorry. 😉

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