Three Old Birds

This morning, the visiting horde was scrambling about trying to get ready for Andrew’s graduation ceremony. I just sat back and watched, all the while sipping my coffee, as wave after wave of energy tossed and turned, ebbed and flowed and then exited out the front door. Peace, at least temporarily, had returned to the household. Finishing my coffee, I launched for a bike ride in the park. The first old bird that I saw was the above pictured, F/A-18B, a newly retired Blue Angels bird. The second one was Charles, the Great Horned Owl. He was where he always is, sitting in his favorite tree. I then biked over to the Central West End and Left Bank Books. What with the demise of Borders, Left Bank is now our local bookstore. While I was in checkout, I met the third old bird of the day, Bill McClellan. Mr. McClellan was there for a book signing event. The clerk asked McClellan if he was an author. He said no and I chimed in that he is a newspaper columnist. I mentioned our mutual acquaintance, Steve Pogue, and he asked how Steve was doing. About then, it was my turn to get rung-up, so that’s all she wrote. I returned home, with 15 miles.

On any normal day, that would have been enough news for one day, but this was not a normal day. After Andrew’s graduation ceremony, we met up with the graduation party, at a Thai pizzeria in the Loop. Anne and I split a pizza, with Thai spicy peanut sauce, instead of tomato paste, it was really good. After lunch the party split up. Dave and I headed to the AT&T store, for iPhones. Dave’s phone can’t hold a charge for more than a few hours, so he needs a new one. Dan’s phone was stolen and he only has a loner now.  My phone works fine and doesn’t really need to be replaced, but … To make a long story short, I bought three of the last four iPhone 4S phones in stock. “Siri, will Anne be mad, if I don’t buy her a new iPhone?” “I don’t understand why you would ask such a question of an inanimate object.” About this time, another guy walked up and scooped up the last one that was still in stock. As if buying three new iPhones wasn’t expensive enough, while backing up in the parking lot, I collided with a lady that was also backing up. I now have a dent in the rear plastic bumper and the task next week of getting it fixed. Dinner at Cunetto’s for twelve, with a reservation. Thanks Bob and Nink! I don’t know how Noreen managed to get one, since Cunetto’s never does reservations. Finally a wine tasting party.

5 thoughts on “Three Old Birds

  1. I had the experience of walking out to my car on Thursday, and realizing that the driver’s-side foglight was busted! Thing is, a) I was at the Owosso Service Center for a meeting and b) no other damage was found, so conclusion c) was that the light lens was shattered by thrown road debris. Realizing that, was grateful that said debris didn’t get thrown higher….
    Got the part ordered, went in yesterday to get it replaced; at the end, discovered that my Favorite Dealership did not charge me anything for a repair that included having to take off the bumper fascia to perform!
    Sadly, I doubt you will have the same luck with a body shop for your bumper….

  2. Karen, I don’t think that it will be super complicated fixing it. The hardest part looks like getting the bumper off. I watched a YouTube video that a couple made of them fixing their Prius bumper with a heat gun. The heat gun softened the plastic bumper enough that they could push it out, back into shape. In the credits to their movie, they gave credit to the guy that lent them the heat gun. I think that I will still look at getting it fixed instead of doing it myself, because their job still left tale tell signs of the accident.

    • Also, need to ensure there is no underlying structural damage (yeah, I know… 5mph bumpers , and all that…. which happen to be a huge joke, cuz 5mph still causes incredible damage!!)

  3. I checked that as best as I could, without removing the bumper. There is a battery in that corner, so that is a concern, but the dent isn’t that deep (1″), so I hope that it is OK.

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