A note was sent that said, “From the American General, to the German General, Nuts!” This was the note that was passed from the defending Americans, the Battling Bastards of Bastogne to the surrounding German army. The German translators didn’t know what to make of this bit of American slang, but eventually, they got the message, loud and clear.

Work today, wasn’t super productive; one of my projects is stymied, waiting on the purchase of software. The other one had its holiday luncheon today. Think grazing animal, open pasture and me. I did manage to finally complete my annual performance evaluation. An accomplishment on a day pretty much bereft of them.

After work, we had a happy hour at a local brew pub, the Ferguson Brewery. Three dollar craft beer is one fast way to an engineer’s heart. The project manager, the one with the luncheon, is moving on to greener pastures. Bar talk turned to the subject of this blog. Several of the engineers around the tabe were already cognizant of it, but John was not. His beer was flavored with pecans, so he suggested that I should write about nuts. I love challenges. At one point John said that shelled pecans were indistinguishable from shelled walnuts, looking at the following photo, I’ll let the reader be the judge. Like I said, it was bar talk.

Arriving home, it was bedlam. The beachhead that Bob and Nink had struck last night was now a full fledge invasion. Dave arrived home from Purdue, just minutes before I did. He had parked in the driveway, so my first words to him were, “You’re in my parking space. Move your car.” Minutes later, Anne arrived back from Boston Market, with dinner and her first words to him were, “Oh David, it is so good to have you home again.” Is it any wonder that people like her better?

When I got home, the top pictured conclave was rushing about, in preparation of tonight’s pre-graduation ceremony. I got them to pause for the photograph, and then it was off to the races. I am enjoying a little interlude right now, before a possible, nay probable, round two ensues.

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  1. How can you not tell the difference between a pecan and a walnut. Also, you should have said to Dave “Get my old car out of new new cars parking space”

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