To Say Nothing of the Dog

Great Blue in Teal Pool

“To Say Nothing of the Dog” is the title of a Connie Willis novel. Loosely based, actually more in the style of, “Three Men and a Dog”, it is my favorite novel from one of my favorite novelists. Willis set her novel in her uniquely unscientific time travel series. When you have history professors explaining the mechanics of time travel, you have to expect a little fuzziness about the physics. I mention all this only as preamble, because this weekend holds in store at least three men, more women and a dog. Whoo Hoo!

Continuing with the preamble aspect of this post, I am writing this, before anyone arrives. Here is the tentative schedule: Tonight, Bob, Nink and Zoe, the dog, arrive. Cece, Megs and our David arrive tomorrow. Short of any late arrivals that leaves us with one spare couch. I assume that Zoe will not be sleeping on the couch. All save Dave are here in town to celebrate Andrew’s college graduation. He has been at Fontbonne University, which is just a stone’s throw from here. Andrew and David are the two halves of our own little student exchange program. David went to school in Rochester and Andrew came to Saint Louis for college. Speaking of Rochester someone has brought along some of upper New York state’s winter weather with them, it has gotten cold outside tonight, Burr.

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