Peabody Opera House

On Saturday, as part of the Taste of Saint Louis, the Peabody Opera House held an open house. Anne and I attended this sneak peek and were amply rewarded for having done so. I always use to call this venue the Kiel Opera House, because it shared its building with the much larger Kiel Auditorium. It was open when we first moved to Saint Louis, over thirty years ago, and we attended a few events there, but for the life of me, I cannot remember anything about them. It closed shortly after we moved to town and remained closed for thirty years. This Saturday, is its premier show, since it was extensively renovated. Jay Leno will be headlining a variety show. Unfortunately, our schedule does not permit us to attend this inaugural event, but we will be on the lookout for an opportunity to see a show at this splendidly rehabilitated palace.

This evening, I am taking a class, a photography class, a Canon EOS photography class. A couple of the guys at work clued me into to this opportunity, so I decided to tag along. I hope to learn some of the features of the 5D camera that I bought from Chris last year, pick up some creative techniques and hopefully avoid the inevitable up-selling that is sure to come. Unfortunately, the $25 class fee can be recouped with a matching $25 coupon, good for Canon merchandise at Schiller’s Camera. I feel like a lamb being led to slaughter. 🙄

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