Giro Della Montagna

The Giro della Montagna or Tour of the Hill is the anchor race of the four days of racing that comprises Saint Louis’ Gateway Cup. After leaving the Japanese Festival at the gardens, I cruised a mile west to The Hill, Saint Louis’ Italian neighborhood. The women’s Cat 4/5 race was just finishing up as I arrived and the Men’s Masters Race got underway just after I got my camera deployed. My Team Kaldi’s roll call includes Edie & Rob, Sandi & Chris, Dawn and Tom from Lakeshore Tour fame and of course Susan. Everyone asked about Anne. Susan is the only one that I know that is actually racing in these events, over the Labor Day weekend. She raced Friday night at Lafayette Square and plans to race tomorrow morning in Benton Park at 10:30.  She was acting as the crossing guard when I saw her today. In these crit races, especially near the finish line, crossing guards are a must so as to prevent unsuspecting spectators from trying to cross the street in front of a peloton of bicyclists traveling at thirty miles per hour. Ouch! I watched her save one little, nearly deaf and probably almost blind too, Italian grandmother when she attempted to cross the road at the wrong time. A straggling racer came clipping along the fence line a moment after Susan almost tackled said granny. I got a total of 15 miles in these last two posts and the day.

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