Good Sleeping Weather

Anne calls it cabin weather, but people in Saint Louis call it good sleeping weather. The Canadian cold front took full control Sunday night with a low in the fifties. Everyone turned off their air conditioners and threw open their windows last night. Dan, Amanda, Anne and I had dinner last night at Cyrano’s, home of extra whipped cream. Our patio dining there was a wee bit nippy. We slept with the windows open and highway noise is much diminished from what it used to be, what with the new I-64’s sound barriers.  Just before 6 AM, I heard the thump of a car crash. It must have been on the Big Bend overpass, because the sirens only ran a little while, so it had to be really close to the fire station. Anne told me a story from her family’s lore about how one night on Crest, a car smashed into a telephone pole and knocked it over on to itself. Gene heard the noise and asked Harry to check on it. He thought that one of the girls had rolled out of bed, checked them, found that they were all still in bed and reported back that everything was fine. Finally, the picture of barbecue is courtesy of Dan from work. He smoked a pork butt, but said that it didn’t draw all that well. Dan, what time is dinner? 😉

5 thoughts on “Good Sleeping Weather

  1. OK – on the car crash.
    It did not knock the pole over, but it did crack it towards the top of the pole.
    The car hit is so hard that you could read the license plate (backwards) in the pole wood after the car was gone.
    The driver was injured, if I recall correctly, but not too badly.
    The electric/phone people arrived in the middle of the night, but Dad told them it could wait until the sun was up, so he could at least get a little sleep. They did wait. (So I got to see said license plate number in the morning)
    The car also went through the No Parking This Side of Street sign.
    When they replaced the sign and pole, they put the pole in front of the sign, so you could not read the sign. Eventually they corrected this bit (I think Dad called the city).
    Mom was worried about the tree, but apparently it came through unscathed.
    I was upset that there was an accident right in front of my house, and nobody woke me up!
    (At the time I thought being a paramedic would be cool.)

  2. @ Jane, sounds like you’re still up at the cabin, cool 😉
    @ Jay, thanks for the detailed breakdown, but did you hear the crash like I did? I didn’t think so.

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