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In less than a couple of week, Anne and I are going to participate in the 2011 MS-150 bicycling ride/challenge. We have trained for this event all year, including riding 506 miles in Michigan in nine days. The weekend after Labor Day, we will ride 150 miles in two days. We would appreciate your sponsoring donations. The links to Anne’s and my individual donation pages can be found below and also on the righthand side of this page in the sidebar. This is our only fundraising charity event, so your help would be appreciated.

Dan has updated his website, which is linked to here and below in the blogroll. He has added four new art projects to his website. They are listed below, check them out:

  • Running Away From Responsibility On The Super Hammock
  • The Regret of the Personified Inanimate When Confronted With an Approximation of an Alternative
  • Broadcast Towering
  • The Implemented Particularism Project (in Progress)

After yesterday’s bike ride and bike party, I was too tired to give much attention to describing the Tour de Wildwood, which was a pity. As I mentioned yesterday, it was a very hilly ride. I learned today, from Dan at work, one of the denizens of Wildwood, that at least by area, Wildwood is the third largest city in Missouri, just after Kansas City and Saint Louis. Some of the hills that we climbed have names, like Ossenfort, which routinely makes the list of the top ten hills in Saint Louis. Others prefer to remain anonymous. I found the two toughest hills to be a short little wall of a climb, at the very beginning of the ride. It was quite the wakeup hill. Last year, Anne ended up walking it, but not this year. The most challenging hill was the second from the last. It climbed Woods Road. It was a wooded, windy road, not particularly steep, but long and very beautiful. I want to do it again.

Anne was in the third grade today She introduced herself as Ms. Regenstreif, but also offered the kids the opportunity to call her Ms. R, because that is the first letter of her last name. One smart, young girl suggested, Ms. Rock’n Roll. Go to the head of the class!

We have house guests tonight. Cait, a classmate and friend of Dave’s from Rochester and her friend Brant. They arrived today from NY and are headed to Denver tomorrow. Cait is starting graduate school at UC Irvine in Criminal Psychology. Like ships in the night.

Anne took the picture with this post. It is from the cabin and not some other worldly sphere. The double sun is caused by refraction from the cabin’s triple-pane glass.

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