Packet Pickup Party Potluck

Team Kaldi’s had their packet pickup party tonight. The packets to be picked up were for this years up coming MS-150 bicycle ride. The packets included a T-shirt, rider numbers and information for the MS-150. Distribution of said items could have been easily accomplished through the mail, but why not throw a party instead. The team has grown to such a size that the packet pickup party has outgrown all of our team member’s houses and some of our team members have some pretty big houses. This year’s party was held at Kaldi’s roasting house. It is a coffee factory in one of the factory districts in town, but on a Sunday evening it made for a great venue. Anne and I participated in the distribution of the packets, in-between potluck eating and plain old partying. About the couple’s photos, I asked each couple if I could take their photo. I gave them time to pose and then I shot the picture. Guys, the girls rule in these photos, that is as it should be, but you guys could have tried a little bit harder. Girls can rule, but guys don’t have to drool. There are a couple of photos in this mix from Sunday morning’s Tour de Wildwood. Wildwood is the newest, western most, and one of the toniest of Saint Louis County’s municipalities. Wildwood pulled out the stops to support this ride, from high school students manning the registration tables to a comprehensive police presence on the road. Then there were the hills. There were fabulous hills on this ride, there were grueling hills on this ride and then there were these fabulously grueling hills that almost made you wish that they would never end and then they almost didn’t. We got 28 miles.

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