Thursday Potpourri

We are almost through with this work week, the first work week since summer vacation. Usually, by this post of the week, my thoughts and blog material has begun to run pretty thin, but this week is a bit different, since I’ve all that summer vacation material to continue to mine. I went back to work on Monday and Anne started back, from an even longer hiatus on Tuesday. Until Dan returns the Prius to Saint Louis, we are a one car family, so Anne and I have been carpooling. I drop her off at school and then turn around and go to work. I work later than she does, so she has to walk home from school. Normally, this one to two-mile walk is no problem, but it has been rather hot this week.

This week we are reduced to the Prizm, our oldest and least desirable vehicle. The Prizm doesn’t have a working radio anymore, so I have not been able to listen to NPR during my commute. Instead, I have been listening to various Slate podcasts. These podcasts come in various flavors; there is an Audio Book Club, a Movie Spoiler Special, Political and Cultural Gabfests. These podcasts feature a rotating and seemingly inbred set of erudite commentators. They are very liberal, so liberal that they make me realize just how conservative NPR has become. With these podcast in my iPhone, I shall no longer fear NPR’s pledge drives. Here is a Slate factoid that I would like to pass along: Animated version of the Bayeux Tapestry – It starts halfway through the original work at the appearance of Halley’s Comet and concludes at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

Anne has been working in the elementary schools this week. Tuesday, she was in kindergarten. Did you know that the first US kindergarten was in Saint Louis? I’ve biked past the building in south Saint Louis. Wednesday, she was the Seeds to Table Coordinator. When I first heard this, I was rather excited. I had visions of Berkley’s Alice Waters and the Edible School. I envisioned that Anne would lead the kids out into the school’s garden, first to gather the free range chicken’s eggs and then to gather fresh vegetables. Then she would march the children to the kitchen and she, the kids and the school’s chef would prepare the noon meal. Boy was I wrong! The temperature that day was over a hundred and Anne doesn’t like to do that kind of heat anymore, she goes to the U.P. instead. Second the cafeteria is undergoing renovation and the school is doing a sort of internal meals on wheels in the interim, so there was no table there. She ended up reading to the children and interacting with them in a sort of Q&A forum. This morning, on our commute to school, we passed some parents and students that Anne thought were participating in the Walking Bus. I offered to drop her off, so she could “catch” the bus too, but she declined, saying that she was expected to be there earlier than the students.

OK Go is a rock band that made the viral music video, Here It Goes Again, the so-called treadmill music video. Here they go again with another music video of their song, All Is Not Lost. This video was produced with the modern dance group, Pilobolus. The use of a glass floor makes for a great visual effect in this video. I love the way that they spell out words with their feet. If you have the Chrome browser, you can watch an interactive version of it. I did find this second song less tuneful. Thanks, Dave from work!

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  1. Bayeaux tapestry – I saw that a few years ago and it is absolutely worth a side trip as you head from point A to B. They have headphones that explain the story as you walk along – really wonderful and amazing.

    Culture gabfest — I have listened occassionly, but sometimes they’ll spout a (pre-prepared) sentence and I think ‘I don’t even know what you’re trying to say. I find you pompous.’

    Seeds to Table — I ate at Chez Panisse once – it was yummy. on the home front, my cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen. each day I get at least one to munch on my way to the car in the morning.

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