Today’s post is for all of those boat nerds out there. This collection of 15 photographs comprise the majority of nameable lake boats that I saw and photographed in the about a week’s time that I had at the cabin. All those boats that passed by, while I was without a camera (few), I muffed the shot and could not read its name or it was simply too dark to see a name, I’ll look for you next year. The title of this post is also a hat tip to David Mamet’s play and movie by the same title. I was going to include a link to a YouTube video of the movie, but Mammet’s language is too salty for the Great Lakes and this blog.

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  1. This boat nerd is happy (and jealous)! There was enough rain (and paying attention to The Commander) the weekend I was up that I didn’t see many boats 🙁 … but I did wake up on Friday, August 12 (the Engineer’s birthday) to the sounds of boats blowing for fog 🙂

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