Dan’s Back in Town

5400 miles, that was the mileage on the Prius when Dan returned to Saint Louis today. Most of those miles were put on when Anne, Jay and Carl sojourned up to the cabin, but Dan’s double trips from Saugatuck to Saint Louis added a few more too. Anyway, both Dan and the Prius made it back to town intact. All of the traveled miles were not entirely sanctioned though, at least by me. Dan drove the Prius to downtown Detroit and played soccer on the field where the old Tiger stadium once stood. He broke his glasses while playing soccer and the next day found a nail in a tire. He ended up super gluing his glasses together and then bought a new tire. I am still not entirely pleased.

Dan’s art projects, as featured in the pictures with this post included a wood model of the boat, Keewatin, at least the front third of it, the part that was disconnected to fit through the Welland Canal, and then some sort of war of the worlds, old-time radio on stilt legs piece and his Vans. Pictured are an after art camp shoe and a new shoe. Dan also modeled his art camp T-shirt, “Camp Life”. He designed the lettering. We went to Dewey’s Pizza for dinner in Webster Groves. My now former co-worker Barbara had been egging me on to go eat there for some months. It was only after eating at the Webster Grove location that I realized that I had already dined at the U-City version of Dewey’s several times before.

4 thoughts on “Dan’s Back in Town

  1. Ummm I want to point out I didn’t find the nail till a week later while trying to pick up the visiting artist. If I got it in Detroit I then managed to drive clear across Michigan with said nail.

  2. Dan’s point is correct. The nail could have gotten in their while Anne and company were driving around the country, but they never drove into downtown Detroit.

  3. Dan – sporting a serious ‘stache!

    also – as I was driving home on Friday I ended up with a bolt in my tire. I didn’t lose any/much air before making it to Discount Tire – just before they closed! yay for me! although when I got home someone had actually stolen all of my ripe/almost ripe tomatoes. who steals tomatoes???

  4. Squirrels like tomatoes, green, ripe, they don’t care. They even pulled up the whole plant once, although it was planted in a planter, not full ground.

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