Bike Ride Day 4

Logistics, something should be said about it. Our responsibility is to get our butts and bikes from point A to point B. This is an important task and has received plenty of air time already, but it is not the only logistical heavy lifting going on. The League of Michigan Bicyclists run and support this ride. Every morning, at o’dark-thirty we wake up. We’re in our tent and it is dark out. We’ve setup camp the night before on the lawn around some high school or middle school. We being Anne and I and 500 of our closest friends. Think tent city. We get dressed for the day and then head into the school for morning wash-up and then breakfast. Breakfast is in the school’s cafeteria. Afterwards, we takedown the tent and then pack up all of our gear. We lug our bags to the trucks, which haul them to the next school. After our day’s ride the process is similar, but in reverse. The whole process makes me feel like I’m back in high school, or maybe junior high.


4 thoughts on “Bike Ride Day 4

  1. Why does Anne have a trunk & you don’t?
    I did that ride in 1999 self supported with full panniers so except for the 500 people you have a sweet deal.

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