Cabin Sunset – July 24

Wednesday, we rode from Montague to Ludington, for only 60 miles. The high point of the day were cherry turnovers at the Cherry Point Market. Don’t get me wrong, the rural scenery with its picturesque farms, beautiful shorelines and sandy dunes was great, but the turnover’s crust was just so perfectly flakey.
They warned us about deer jumping out on to the road and much to my surprise, in the afternoon one did just that. I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture of it, because I had a camera out and was already taking pictures. I was just too surprised. We had a headwind all day, so it was tough going at times, but we still made it into Ludington earlier than we managed to finish any of the other days.
The last time we were in Ludington, we were also on bikes. It was 1982 and Anne and I were on our big cross country bike tour. We took the last ferry across the lake to WI. A group from WI had come over for the day and were partying their way back home. We hung-out with them on the boat and one couple let us know that a fishing derby was going on in WI and there were no places to stay or camp. Our long faces must have caused them to take mercy on us, because they offered to let us camp in their yard. When we finally got there they said it was too late to set up the tent and put us up in their guest bedroom. We had to leave early the next morning, because our hosts had things to do. We hit the road, found a nearby park and napped away the rest of the day.

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