Blockhouse Hill

Tuesday’s ride took us from West Ottawa to Montague. On the way, we went through Grand Haven and Muskegon. We got 68 miles. We enjoyed riding out to the lighthouse in Grand Haven and then, lattes plus ginger cookies in town there too. We took a bike path through Muskegon, which was nice, but we missed seeing the city. We did see an old Knoll furniture factory, but it was all closed down. It has probably been outsourced to China. After Muskegon proper we hit Muskegon State Park. The high point of the park, in fact, the high point of the entire day was the climb up Blockhouse Hill. A replica of a frontier blockhouse was built during the Great Depression. Later we stopped at the Red Rooster Tavern for a beer and Anne stopped at Duck Lake for a dip, but by that time I could smell the barn and headed on to the end point for the day.


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