30 Days in 30 of … Sewing

Here is a shout out to Jay and Carl, today is their wedding anniversary, twenty-six years together, wow! Today, also happens to be Anne’s and my anniversary too, thirty-one years together. Happy Anniversary, Jay and Carl and Anne and me! The remainder of this post is a guest post from Anne, on what she did in the month of June. So take it away, Anne …

My bike goal for May was to ride every day. I did not make this goal, but I did ride 25 of the 31 days and almost as many miles in May (254) as my total for January through April (288) … Anyhow, I have a new goal for June: 30 days in 30 of … Sewing. Here’s the link if you want to read it all again. So how did I do in June?  I did work on my quilt or knit every day in June, although like my biking in May, some days were more productive than others.  I’ve almost finished the quilt and the sweater, although I didn’t make the goal of finishing them in June.  I also missed bicycling 1000 miles by the end of June, although I did pass 1000 on July 3rd.  I rode a total of 423 miles in June, compared to my year-to-date total of 542 at the end of May.  Since school was out, I had a lot more time to devote to biking in June.  I rode 18 days out of 30, and averaged 23.5 miles per ride versus an average of 10 in May.  I feel a lot better about the Lake Michigan Bike Ride in August. The increasing heat and humidity that makes summer in St. Louis so sweet, sweaty, cut down on some rides.  Other days, my body overruled my brain and said “Today is a rest day, Mush for Brains!” Here are pictures of the sewing and knitting projects as of today.  If you want more details about the sewing or knitting, leave a comment.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!
    And we admire your ability to focus on projects – for long periods of time.
    Fun plans for today???
    We may hit dinner out, but no time for much more.

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