Autumn Adventures

Tuesday morning, as I was waiting for my ride, I heard the bugle sound of reveille, from the not too distant field. I then texted Anne, and gave her her own personal reveille. Anne sent me the picture with this post, a picture of her latest quilt. She calls it Autumn Adventures. When I asked her if it was “done”, this is what she wrote:

You know me and quilting. I should develop a generic Gantt chart for the process. Next step is to cut batting and backing squares, pin-baste the three layers, then do some sort of quilting to hold the layers together. Then, sew on the binding and a hanging sleeve by machine, then hand-sew the other edge of binding and hanging sleeve down. Oh and maybe buy and sew Velcro, or not. Aren’t you glad you asked?  I am, truly, b/c it shows you care, about me, if not the process.

Brother Chris called me Tuesday night; he was in Berlin, on vacation. He was using Skype off of his iPhone, via some local Berlin Wi-Fi. It wasn’t working all that well, and after too many can you hear me now, we gave it up. He must have had better luck calling Anne at home on Monday. Anne related to me what Chris said that the sun comes up at 4:30 AM in Berlin.

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