Steppin’ Up

The company is sponsoring a wellness program and Monday was the first day of the fitness challenge. Many of my co-workers have signed up for this and formed up into teams. I joined up too. We were all issued pedometers, except mine never showed up in the mail. Fortunately, I had one around the house and had it clipped on this morning when I left for work. The Perma Bear has one and he is on my team too. I relish the extra competition.

Last Thursday night, Anne had a dream that she was called in to work. This was a little bit strange, but not really, at least for one of Anne’s dreams. It was strange, because Anne has been on summer vacation from school for a couple of weeks. She went back to sleep until suddenly, the phone rang early on Friday morning. It was the school districts receptionist and she did not feel well. She asked if Anne could substitute for her in the central office. She could, so Anne’s once mildly strange dream, became majorly, prophetically strange. On Sunday, after I had hit the road, Anne went cycling in the Park. She got 18 miles and the two pictures with this post. Pictured are a Black Crowned Night Herron and a Snowy Egret.

4 thoughts on “Steppin’ Up

  1. It wasn’t that kind of dream. More along the lines of “where are my lesson plans?” “No, of course I can’t let you out early.” :”Wait, you can’t just walk out!” “I better take roll, before they try and leave again…” A more specific version of general unpreparedness dreams — like dreaming you’re at work, but wearing just your underwear.


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