Bike to the Boathouse

First off, the Leaf Guard Gutter people showed up Friday morning, before we left for work. They installed our new gutters, so that all we need now is some rain to test them out some. There is rain in the forecast again, Friday night. 😉

I took Anne out to the Boathouse for her birthday. The Boathouse is in the Park, on Post-Dispatch Lake. The lake got its name, during some financial crisis, when the Pulitzer family funded a public works project to dig out the lake bed. Sitting outside, with the ducks, geese and egrets would have been preferable, but the wait was too long, so we ate inside. We got 11 miles. Thanks, from Anne, for all of the kind birthday wishes. The great picture below is from Chris’s Camera.

2 thoughts on “Bike to the Boathouse

  1. You really do have a pretty house.
    I understand shade from a tree, but see if you can get one that will have the branches up high enough (eventually) that you can see the house from the street level.

  2. You can check out the house, and the new tree when you come in July. We did go with a deciduous tree instead of a conifer, because the branches are higher now. Tomorrow’s post will have a picture of the tree at the nursery, it will be about three weeks before they can plant it here. If I know my blogger, there will be another picture then. 😉


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