Happy Birthday Anne!

Today is Anne’s birthday; Sunday is Mother’s Day and yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. This trifecta of celebrations, make this weekend all about Anne. First, there is her birthday today. Now it is not one of those big ones, the ones that end in zeros, but a birthday is still a birthday and should be feted. How about dinner tonight, my dear? Anne gets to celebrate Mother’s Day, courtesy of sons, Dan and Dave. She is not Mexican, but she is one-quarter Puerto Rican, and that should count for something on Cinco de Mayo, don’t you think?

We had a Cinco de Mayo party at work on Thursday, really just an all day grazing event, but it was fun. Unfortunately, it was sans margaritas. Someone had scrawled on the message board that the 5th of May is not the Cinco de Mayo, but Cy Young Day. On the 5th on May, in 1904, Cy Young threw the first perfect game. This is an event that has been repeated less than 20 more times in more than a hundred years. I guess that’s why they named the Cy Young Award after him? That and 77 shutouts, 3 no hitters and 510 wins earned him the recognition implied by becoming the namesake for baseball’s premier pitching award. Oh by the way, Cy Young liked Mexican food too.

Anne and Joanie have been attending lectures at the Schlafly Bottleworks. These lectures are part of a series called Science on Tap. The theme for that last lecture was called, Building Sustainability. It was given by the dean of architecture from Washington University. Anne brought home one interesting fact from the lecture and shared it with me: More electrical energy is expended to power the internet and its infrastructure today than was even generated in 2001. Is this how the Matrix begins? Neo, we need you! Where are you, Neo?

Now it is time for some bike mileage updates. Anne has 56 miles for the month of May, versus my 47 miles. As of the 5th of May, she has ridden every day in May. You go girl! Now does that make, 26 more days to go? [No comment]

Chris’s camera submission with this post shows the Monterey Canning Company. This building was once a cannery on Cannery Row, but is now a shopping mall. Chris caught the front of the building, near dawn, with his new wide-angle lens. The building abuts the bike trail, that was once a railway.

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  1. Jan,
    When we were riding back from dinner at the Boathouse, I remembered that I share a May 6 Birthday with Kristen! Please pass on birthday wishes to her, too, albeit belatedly.


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