Kayak Coffee

After Friday’s late night, people only started moving slowly on Saturday morning. After mid-morning coffee, Bob left to hangout with his son Andrew. Andrew is attending Fontbonne and is scheduled to graduate at the end of this year. Anne and I went to REI and we went shopping, mainly new clothes, although I did get new bike tires. After returning home, we lunched and then launched towards the Park. We saw lots of people, saw lots of birds and felt lots of heat, 89 °F. On the way back home, we laid over at Kayak Coffee.

Kayak was acquired last year by Kaldi’s Coffee, our MS-150 team sponsor. Situated kiddy-corner to Washington University and with a Metrolink stop on its doorstep, one couldn’t ask for a better location for a coffee shop. On mid-Saturday afternoon, the place was overrun with students. We finally found a table and plopped down with a pair of iced coffees.  They really hit the spot and made the last two miles much more pleasant than they would have been.

Bob and I went over to Shaw Park in Clayton, to watch Andrew and the Fontbonne tennis team play. Unfortunately, Andrew didn’t win. Afterwards, Bob and Andrew went to Ted Drewes, again. I came hope to write this. Anne took the Nuts Over Plaid photo, which I really love. I took the egrets and of course the one of Anne on a bike.

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