The Saint Louis marathon was on Sunday. We didn’t run 26.2 or even 13.1 miles, but we did bicycle as far as a half-marathon. Bob, Anne and I rode through the Park and then on to the Central West End and Llywelyn’s. Bob and I split a flight of Schlafly’s and Anne, more sensibly had lemonade. It was sunny and hot, mid-eighties. On the way back, Bob had a blowout. It made a loud bang, like a gunshot. He was riding Big Red and upon changing the flat, it soon became apparent what the problem was, the tires were just too old and now rotting. We quickly replaced the blown out tube and shimmed the blown out tire with a dollar bill. I impressed Bob with my professionalism, when I donned TSA blue latex gloves to change the flat, two-by-two hands of blue. We got back home without any further mishaps. Time to order new tires for Big Red.

Previously, we three had walked over to the Ritz-Carlton and viewed the marathon runners as they passed. That was at mile 16 and well into the field, so some of the runners were walking. As we turned to go a young women and her party walk pass us. She had already finished her race and had a medal to prove it. Judging from their passing remarks, they had returned from downtown via the Metrolink. We had a light breakfast at the downtown Clayton Kaldi’s.

Saturday night, Anne and Joanie, had dance tickets. They went to see Momix perform Botanica at the Touhill. Here is a link to an eight minute video from this performance. The following quoted synopsis describes this work. This was Anne and Joanie’s last regularly scheduled show for this season, although they still have tickets to see Billy Eliot in the fall. It had to be rescheduled until then.

A wildly entertaining multimedia experience, Momix transports audiences into a fantasy world of exceptional inventiveness and beauty through its trademark use of athletic dance, riveting music, outrageous costumes, novel props and pure talent. Set to an eclectic score that ranges from birdsong to Vivaldi, Botanica reveals natures changing imagery in Momix’s signature illusionary style.

After biking, came barbecued burgers, then dinner. After dinner Bob went to go see his son, Andrew, sing in the choir. This gave me time to write this post. My game plan this day was to wear Bob out and then challenge him in a game of Victory in the Pacific. After Bob left and I revealed my evil plans to Anne, her comment was, “And how is that working?” Not so good, I must admit. Maybe I can get Bob to cut me some slack as part of some misguided tsunami relief? Anyway, it was a blowout fun weekend. Thanks for coming Bob!

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