Art Hill

I went sledding Saturday morning, on Art Hill, two days after the big snowfall.  The slopes were bare in spots, but still full of many good runs.  Anne was still feeling too under the weather too accompany me, but I think that she is starting to feel better, because she is starting to get feisty again.  The subsequent jokes were copied off of the Prairie Home Companion’s annual joke show.  I hope that you all like them as much as I did.

  • A psychiatrist is interviewing three mental patients.  He asks the first patient, what is 3x3.  The first patient answers 274.  Moving on, he asks the second patient and gets the answer Tuesday.  Finally he asks the third patient, who answers 9.  Overjoyed, the psychiatrist asks the patient how he had reasoned out the answer.  Simple Doc, 274 minus Tuesday is nine.
  • Did you hear about the new website that mixes YouTube, Twitter and Facebook?  It is called YouTwitFace.
  • Why do doctors make for poor lovers? Because they always want to wait until the swelling goes down.
  • A pilot was attempting to land his plane at Seattle’s airport, but he was having trouble finding the airport.  Flying through the fog, he spied a man on a tall building’s balcony. The pilot called out and asked the man, “Where am I?”  The man answered, “In an airplane.”  Five minutes later, the pilot landed the airplane.  Asked later how he had managed this feat, he explained, the man on the balcony had given me an answer that was 100% correct, but also 100% useless.  I knew then that building was the Microsoft Support Center and was only five miles from the airport.  It was easy after that.”
  • A doe walks out of the woods and says, that is the last time I do that for two bucks.
  • A coyote was bringing a dead raccoon onto the airplane, when the flight attendant stopped him.  You can’t bring that onto this plane.  Why not, asks the coyote, it is carrion.

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