That Was The Week That Was!

OK fans, Marquis is charging down the field.  He fakes left, then right and then left again.  And he Scores!  I don’t believe it!  Marquis has managed to hook-slide his way into the weekend.  Simply unbelievable! 

At times this week, work certainly seemed like an Olympic event.  There were lows, snows and highs this week, but by Friday, things had ended up on a high note, in no small part to the help from friends and co-workers, Mike and Don.  The grief that I gave you guys this week was only respect, clumsily shown.

The title for this post is an allusion to the television series, That Was The Week That Was, a satirical television comedy program shown on NBC in 1964 and 1965.  Derived from the BBC series by the same name it was a big hit with both my parents and my brothers and I.  A real family values TV show, Democratic family values that is.  The show was hosted by David Frost and featured Henry Morgan, Buck Henry, Alan Alda and Nancy Ames.  Contributors included Gloria Steinem, Tom Lehrer and Calvin Trillin.  We have Bubs and Horsey’s copy of the Tom Lehrer album from the show.  It still plays in high fidelity and we are happily enjoying it.  So to Anne’s sisters, “Come and get us, coppers!”

It was Friday night of the weekend, and the parents were nestled all snug in their beds, while sinuses full of snot danced in their heads.  Mamma with her Kleenexes, and I with my night-cap, had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.  When out on the lawn there aroused such a clatter, it turns out what the boys were doing is what really mattered. 

I spoke with Dan and he said that his art show(s) went well.  “It was a night.”  In addition to the public opening on Thursday night, he also showed his art to the CalArts faculty in a series of private showings.  Annie bused in a contingent from Claremont, plus Cousin Liz and company descended from the Bay Area.  Friday night he did another showing and on Saturday he does the teardown.

Dave has been invited by Purdue to make a campus visit as part of his application process for graduate school and at their expense too.  Last year he applied to over ten different schools and Purdue is the first to bite.  He has to book his travel yet, but look forward to more news.  [Story Developing]

5 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was!

  1. Congrats to Dave on getting a campus visit invite! We’ve started that process with Janet, although I suspect the University of Indianapolis visit is on us, not them! However, we are spending the night (tomorrow) with my Uncle & Aunt and one of my cousins just outside of Indy, so that’s saving us a few $$. Otherwise, it’s gas and food for a “relatively local” trip that just HAPPENS to include a quick visit with relatives! We may even be lucky enough to see my other cousin, who is a Freshman at Univ of Indy…

  2. Hmmm – forget any request I have made. Carl has pointed out that I got the CD set, The Remains of Tom Lehrer, which includes three albums – including That Was the Year That Was. Silly of me to not remember. So, I do have my digital version.

    Listening to the three discs on shuffle as I prepare to do my taxes.

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