Winter’s Flowers

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I was off work on Monday and the temperature in Saint Louis climbed into the mid-forties, so what better way to spend the day then to go for a bike ride?  Anne had a half-day of work in the afternoon, so when she left home to walk to school, I got ready to ride.

I hit the park at eleven o’clock and it being the first Monday of the month the sirens kicked-off just then too.  One of them was quite close to me when it sounded-out and that startled me.  Monday’s calm, cool and sunny weather was quite the contrast to New Year Eve’s weather, when last the sirens erupted.  I rode through and then around the Park and then on to and around Tower Grove Park.  On the way back I stopped off at the Botanical Gardens. The slideshow pictures with this post are from this ride.  I got 25 miles.

Tuesday was my first day back at work for this year.  It is always hard to go back to work after a weeks leave and this time was no different.  Anne took Tuesday off, so she could shuttle Dan to his dentist appointment.  Thanks to the new healthcare bill, he is back under my insurance coverage, at least for a few months.  Tuesday night we took Dan out to dinner and then to the airport.  He and Annie are flying back to LA.  We now have an empty nest again.

Following up on yesterday’s developing story, the one that had Dave answering my phone call in NYC’s Grand Central Station, the mystery is solved.  He had gone to Sarasota Springs for New Years.  Sarasota Springs is located just north of Albany.  He was visiting with friends there and no he didn’t make it into work on Monday.  He was probably feeling ill after the Rams game.

My sister-in-law, Kathy, has just fired up her own blog.  She started it on the first of this year.  It is called Views from the Middle.  I’ve already added it to my links list.  Check it out!

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