Sights Along Highway One

Mountains, meadows and the mouth of Big Sur River are some of the highlights of Andrew Molera State Park.  It is the largest state park along the Big Sur coast.  At the river’s mouth are a shallow lagoon and beautiful beach.

Yankee fur trader Juan Bautista Roger Cooper acquired this land.  It was formerly part of the Mexican land grant Rancho El Sur. His grandson Andrew Molera, who inherited the ranch, had a successful dairy operation.  His Monterey Jack cheese was particularly prized.

My Bros, Chris and Frank traveled down the coastal road, Highway 1 to Big Sur and Nepenthe.  Chris called me just as they were sitting down to dinner there.  They had ordered fries which can be problematic.  Stellar Jays tend to hover about the diners and they are pretty aggressive about it too.  But I guess that they survived alright, because Chris sent me his latest photographic creations, the photos featured above and below in this post.

His picture features the Bixby Bridge, shots of which are almost the de rigueur these days for auto commercials.  The Bixby Bridge is the longest of three New Deal built bridges that all combine sublime engineering and breathtaking scenery.  Carved into the coastal mountain side, their gleaming white concrete accents the green or brown hillsides, depending upon the time of year.

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  1. Gorgeous! The photos take me back to our run down the CA coast last year…sigh…meanwhile, temps are dropping today, and we may see white stuff (the real thing) later….

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