Go Vote!

Half of the American people never read a newspaper.  Half never voted for President.  One hopes it is the same half. ~ Gore Vidal

Before you awoke today, Anne was already up and out the door.  Today is Election Day and today Anne is a poll worker.  She will work all day, working the equivalent of a double shift.  I have already recounted some, but not all of the many hours that she has already volunteered as a campaign worker.  That effort was totally partisan work.  Today she will act in a non-partisan manner, even though she will work as the Democratic lead at her polling place.  At the end of the day, after the polls have closed, she and her Republican counterpart will drive the ballot box to the county election commission.  The network news will probably already be calling the races for the ballots that she is carrying, but she should feel proud of herself, just as I feel proud of her.  If the rest of the American electorate was only half as involved and informed as she is, then our country would be in much better shape.  So, get out there yourself and go vote!

Dan called on Monday night, with some good news.  In addition to his work-study activities, he has also landed a job as a teaching assistant for one of the professors at CalArts.  He was rather pleased with this development, because teaching assistant positions are not normally assigned to CalArts students until their second year.  The person that he will be working for is a visiting architecture professor.  This particular professor’s specialty is provisional architecture or short-term, temporary architecture.  The course that he will be supporting is designed to also help relieve the crush of students seeking studio space.  CalArts doesn’t have enough studios for all of its students.  The objective of this course is for each of its students to design and build their own studio.  The students are supplied $1000+ to buy materials.  Dan wanted to take this course, but didn’t want to give up his own studio space, which is a requirement.  This way he can experience the course and keep his studio too.

Pictures for this post perfidiously pilfered from Dave, by a paparazzi parent. 

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  1. It would be easier to read a newspaper if we still *had* a newspaper. A local one, I mean. I am still not accustomed to seeking out on-line news on a regular basis.

    Voted at 7 AM. Used publius.org and the league of women voters as starting points for election research.

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