Why do people carve pumpkins?
I don’t know, why do people carve pumpkins?
Because ghosts like blueberries
(or maybe boo-berries)
 Oh, OK?!?

The preceding joke was our first and probably our best joke of Halloween night.  It had a certain existential aspect unto itself that can only be captured by the very young or very wise or as in this case a child wise beyond his years. 

Anne went out to canvas for Robin Carnahan for U.S. Senator and I went out for a bike ride in the Park.  She canvassed for three hours and I rode 15 miles.  Robin Carnahan’s campaign was setting up for a Sunday night rally in the Park’s Worlds Fair Pavilion.  I had every intention of attending it, but something else came up instead, so neither of us made it there.

I purchased Connie Willis’ new book, All Clear.  This is the sequel, second half or whatever of her other new book this year, Blackout.  The reason that we didn’t go to the rally, the reason I’m not watching the World Series, the reason that I’m lying on the couch and that Anne has to handle the trick-or-treaters and the reason that this post is so short is that I am reading my book and I’m happy.

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