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Chris has furnished two new pictures that are featured in this post; one is of a statue of Saint Rosalia and the other one show a little girl skipping over stones in Monterey’s old custom house square.  I don’t remember the statue, but I do remember Monterey’s custom’s square.  This establishment dates back to Spanish colonial times.  Lodged between Monterey bay and the city of Monterey, it once served as the conduit of commerce between Monterey and the rest of the world.  Nowadays, it is a historical monument, a tourist attraction and a park.  Here is a Wiki link about Saint Rosalia.

Saturday was a big day for Anne and I.  In the morning, we went for a bike ride.  We rode 25 miles.  We rode downtown with the intent of joining the city’s Open Streets bike ride.  On the way downtown, our route intersected with a cancer charity ride, Pedal for the Cause.  We stayed on their route a little too long and ended up riding through their finish-line.  “Thank you for riding, great job!”  We rode on to the Open Streets bike ride which started at the City Garden.  This route took us north along the river, by the Arch and led us to the Crown Candy kitchen.  Crown Candy was too crowded; so on the way back home, we stopped at one of our favorite places, the Fountain on Locust.

After we got home and showered, we decamped to a local sports bar and watched Michigan State beat Michigan, 34-17.  On Saturday night, we went to Gary and Linda’s post MS-150 party.  We got to see many of our Team Kaldi’s friends and had a good time.  So, Michigan State won the big football, but to be honest, Michigan still has the best fight song.  It just needs a little editing:

Hail! to the victors vanquished
Hail! to the conquered heroes
Hail! Hail! to Michigan
The losers and the best? 😳

Hail! to the victors vanquished
Hail! to the conquered heroes
Hail! Hail! to Michigan,
The chumps of the West! 😆

2 thoughts on “Chris’ Camera

  1. sacre bleu!

    you do know that John Philip Sousa called the U-M fight song the best college fight song ever? and he knew a thing or two about band music. so don’t go changing the lyrics. sheesh.

    once we get a new coach who understands that you need more than offense (defense and special teams are also part of the game Rich Rod!!!) we can become competitive again in the Big 10.

  2. We all know it is the best song in college (even though I went to MSU I only know a few words of their song). And the composer ALSO wrote the Pioneer High School fight song.

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