Quantitative Easing

I want my quantitative easing and I want it now.  I use to demand my bailout, but that never happened and now does not appear ever likely to happen either.  So, I’ll settle for my quantitative easing instead.  Quantitative easing is the new business phrase that I learned on Friday, while listening to the latest Planet Money article on NPR.  My brother Chris, the Perma-Bull, calls quantitative easing the QE2.  Apparently this is the second iteration.  I’m sure that Don, the Perma-Bear, would be happy with this article too, but I’m willing to throw him a bone anyway, because folks, I’m back in the black.  My 401K is now worth more than it was at the beginning of this recession or as I calculate it, the beginning of 2008.  Just a little mind you, but still I am declaring victory and going home, because happy days are here again.

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let’s sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again

“Well, he threw it at me first, so I had to throw it back at him.”  [Just in case he wanted to throw it at someone else.]  That pretty much explains Anne’s Friday in the sixth grade.  Next week she has the fifth grade, less mature, but smaller.  Time will tell if this is a promotion or a demotion for Anne.

I biked in the Park on Friday morning.  It was very froggy.  This post’s pictures attempt to capture the dark and froggy night that I rode in and does not show any of the permanently illuminated monuments that dot the Park.  I got 18 miles.

2 thoughts on “Quantitative Easing

  1. Grok grok. Wer thare eny beeeyootyful greeeeeeen froogies with a li’l perpel about th’ eyes? like meeeeeee? Grok grok frgok grodko. ‘n’ ya shud see meeeeee in my noo hallyween mardy graw beeds. thay hav bats ‘n’ evvrything. Ol’ Baggy pikt ’em up at th’ grokkkery stor. GrokgrokgrokGROK!

  2. You do realize that “Happy Days Are Here Again” was copyrighted near the 1929 stock market top and became well known during the official optimism that surrounded the market’s partial recovery rally into 1930. Any recollection of what transpired thereafter?

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