Across the Wide Missouri

Wednesday was the end of the month, so it was Anne’s last day to make her June mileage goal.  The temperature has moderated here in Saint Louis, at least for a little while, so she launched on what would be a 41 mile bike ride.  She rode from our house to Saint Charles County via Midland Avenue, Creve Coeur Park and the Page Extension.  She now has 552 miles for the year.  Almost half of those miles were gained in June.

I biked before work on Wednesday and got 16 miles.  This morning’s low in the sixties had me considering returning home to get more clothes, but I elected to press on regardless.  Once I got going I warmed up just fine.  I guess that I am now officially recovered from my jetlag after last weeks trip to California.

I heard on the radio that according to Saint Louis Mayor Slay, Saint Louis has made the short list for the 2012 Democratic Convention.  Assuming that this opportunity comes to fruitions and the Democrats do convene here in Saint Louis, this would be a big deal around town.  Barack Obama as party leader has the final say on this decision, but picking Saint Louis would put him close to the Land of Lincoln and his Chicago base.

Killdeer exhibit a clever “broken wing display” in which they appear to be struggling with a broken wing while leading the predator away from the nest.  Although technically shore birds, they are unusual in this group because they often nest and live far from water.  They are ground-nesting birds that are famous foe hiding their nests right out in the open.  They really use no nesting materials and rely on distraction displays to protect their offspring.  A group of killdeers are collectively known as a “season”.

These fun factoids are courtesy of our new iPhone eBird App.  I had previously tried using the free version of eBird, but found the selection of birds in it to be so pathetic that I broke down and paid for the full version of this App.  So far it has had every bird that I have looked up in it.

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