This really should be a guest post, from the Regen half of RegenAxe, because it is all about Anne.  Maybe I can coax her into writing her version of these events.  This is her first official week of summer vacation, although if you ask me it looks a lot like last week’s first unofficial week of summer vacation.  Meanwhile, for boring me it is all work, work, work.  I’m trying to put together a presentation that I hope to give later this month in California.

On Tuesday, Anne and Joanie went to see the art show, Treasures of the Vatican.  This is undoubtedly the big show for the summer.  I wouldn’t be surprised that Cardinal Burke had a hand in getting Saint Louis a spot on this show’s tour.  The interesting thing about this show is that it is not at the art museum, but rather it is being held at the history museum.  I attribute this twist to the fact that the art museum is all but closed during the construction of its new wing.  Anyway, the girls had a good time and it sounds like a great show.  Maybe if we ask real nice, she’ll tell us all about it?

I biked on Monday and am only now recovered.  Anne planned on biking first thing Wednesday morning, suited up and was out the door, only to discover that it had started to rain again.  She did manage to get a ride in later in the day though.  She biked 17 miles in the Park.

Our annual crop of daylilies has come in like gangbusters this year.  With a more than the usual amount of rain, they are looking pretty lush.  Anne photographed the picture of our daylilies for this post.

Anne has also been researching and planning our vacation trip to Yellowstone this summer.  Anne and Jay had previously colluded on the portion of our two respective vacations that intersected.  We have five nights to plan before we meet up with our Seattle relations.

I called AT&T on Wednesday night and endured their automated voice menu system.  I can’t believe that I actually use to make those things.  I feel much better about making what I make now, than making those things.  Anyway, the reason I endured this gauntlet was to ascertain whether or not their new internet usage fees would apply to me.  Thankfully they do not.  (1 ringtone to rule them all & with a 2 year contract bind them)  Apparently, our contract binds both ways.  Whoo!  Hoo!  Neither Anne nor I would have any problem fitting into the new contracts restrictions, but I have my doubts about Dan and Dave.  The new contracts restrictions would limit your basic AT&T net downloads to about a one hour TV show per month.

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