Sunday Ride Report

Anne and I launched from home on Sunday morning and bicycled through the Park.  Anne wanted to do more than just bike round-and-round in the Park, so we passed on through it, besides there weren’t any waterfowl to be seen.  We really lucked out this weekend, we had lots of storms and rain this weekend, but it all occurred at night, leaving our weekend days dry.

After passing through the Park, our next stop was Tower Grove Park.  Tower Grove boasts an eclectic collection of pavilions.  Virtually every one of them is a unique work of art.  We passed by this one pavilion, that was in use, where one of the occupants yelled out, “Hey Kaldi’s!”  Anne and I were wearing matching Kaldi’s jerseys.  Later in our ride, when we were headed back, we happened by this same pavilion again.  This time several people yelled out “Hey Kaldi’s!”  Both times we just waved and rode on.

Our next stop was the Compton Heights neighborhood.  This neighborhood features elegant old homes.  We photographed quite a few of them.  I’m planning to use these photos as the basis for a post later this week.

Next we headed for Cherokee Street, the so-called Cherokee Lemp Historic District.  Lemp was a beer brewing family that fought Anheuser-Busch and lost.  So many of the Lemp family had gone crazy that the Lemp mansion is now being used as a haunted house on Halloween.  Cherokee Street is populated with antique stores, lots of antique stores.  I might be able to squeeze a post out of this local too.

We cruised by South Grand looking for lunch.  We went looking for an establishment that had patio seating.  But the only ones that we saw were the Halal restaurant that we liked last time that we biked to South Grand and the Italian restaurant we ate at on Friday night.  There are lots of other restaurants that offer patio seating on South Grand, but none of them have put them out yet.  I don’t know why not?

We headed to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. We had lunch at the café there.  We both ordered chicken salad sandwiches.  I wonder if the pictured, adjoining table, thought that we were cannibals.  We got lots of good pictures of flowers, we also got 28 miles.  OBTW, that other table were not only messy eaters, but also lousy tippers.  I just thought that you should know.

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