Art For Art’s Sake

Art for art’s sake
Money for Gods sake
Art for art’s sake
Money for Gods sake

Chorus lyrics from the all male A cappella group, The Nylons.

Friday night was a dark and stormy night, but is was also art opening night.  We attended two art openings on Friday.  There are many art openings every Friday, but this night we attended two art openings that had personal significance.

The first one was Edward Crim’s of Forest Park 365 fame.  Edward is a photographer’s photographer. Plus his subject was Saint Louis’ Forest Park, what I simply refer to as The Park. His year-long blog was fantastic, so how could his show be any different. He graciously posed for the above photo, that belies the crowd that was there.

 Pictured above are Dan, Annie, Susan and Paul, Annie’s folks and Annie’s bear.  Annie won third place in her graduating class, with her bear.  Her graduation is next Saturday.

 Today’s header shows a selection of M&Ms in a bowl.  They have been personalized.  The silver one, just to the left of this blog’s nameplate, has Annie’s image with a rhinestone pirates’ eye patch.  There are a couple more too, if you look for them.

Happy Birthday, Ashlan!

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  1. Le Marquis — it took 15 min in line to get thru security this morning. not bad! and then we had about 3 hours to wait until commencement started. 😉

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