Flighty Fits of Fancy

I biked in the Park on Saturday morning.  I got twenty miles.  When I got to the Park at eight, the place was already mobbed with people.  I found out later that the event of the day was, Go! Saint Louis’ Family Fitness Day.  Saturday featured a collection of runs and walks and was simply a prelude to Sunday’s Saint Louis Marathon, which will also takeover the Park.  Today’s header features some of the kids who participated in the Children’s Fun Run.

Even though the Park was overrun with humans, the wildlife of the Park seemed unaffected by the crowds.  I got some good pictures of the birds there.  The first photo shows a pair of Snowy Egrets wearing their lacy breeding plumage.  Look at me, girls!  Look at me, girls!  Next is pictured a male Blue-winged Teal.  This is the first time that I have seen this species in the Park.  A pair of Great White Egrets follows.  The one on the left has a just caught fish in its mouth.

The final picture with this post shows the renovated and reinstalled zoo blocks sculpture.  This sculpture was moved from the south entrance to the zoo and is now situated closer to Highway 40 The New I-64.  A new segment of the bike trail has also been opened near there, replacing the Rube Goldberg detour that has served for the last six months.  There is still a lot more construction left to go though.  I suspect that this area will be under construction throughout the summer, if not longer.

I met Anne at Kaldi’s on De Mun for breakfast.  She walked there and I rode back by there on my way home from the Park.  We played with our iPhones until a feeling of self-consciousness overcame us, “Look at the old people trying to send a test message.”  Captain Don of Team Kaldi’s forwarded an announcement that Kaldi’s is purchasing Kayak Coffee, at the intersection of Skinker and the Parkway.  This will give Kaldi’s a lock on the Wash-U coffee trade and the best coffee shop location in town.

Next month Anne and I will travel to Rochester to attend Dave’s graduation.  Normally on our trips to Rochester we mooch off our friends, Bob & Carol Nink Ted Chris & Alice.  Unfortunately, this year none of them will be in town.  Alice and Chris are going to another graduation in Texas and Bob and Nink are actually traveling to Saint Louis, on their way to Branson.  Go figure!

We’ll graduate David, but we are still going to leave him in Rochester.  He has a job lined up there for the summer.  Anne and I plan of returning to Saint Louis via the Planet Ann Arbor.  We’ll be there for just one night only folks, so get your tickets early.

2 thoughts on “Flighty Fits of Fancy

  1. Reading your posts about all the biking you can do in your area makes me very envious and convinced I need to get out of the GB area. Yes, we have a SINGLE “bike path”, however, it has huge-long gaps in it that happen to encompass the most-dangerous streets in the city, and the only real “ultimate destination” is Bicentennial Park – not any shopping areas, which would be of GREAT use (if they were to add bike racks, that is). Also, given it’s SE Michigan, the drivers have an attitude that their car has the right-of-way over everyone else (sigh). Add to that mix, cell phone use while driving in busy parts of town. Ouch!

  2. David is graduating! Wow! time flies, and I should be well aware given our kids mix of ages. Great reason for a road trip. We missed getting to see Rey graduate since it was an odd semester and they did not do a ceremony then.

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