Fantastic Flowers

This Spring’s flowers are looking fantastic this year.  With the pictures in this post I have tried to capture some of this year’s signs of spring.  Unfortunately, these photos don’t do the flowers justice.  The flowers look so nice, but don’t last near long enough.  So get out there and enjoy them, while you can!  This weekend’s weather looks to be perfect for this activity.

Anne and I went to go see the play, The Fantasticks, at the Rep on Friday night.  The Fantasticks is the longest running show on Broadway.  It is also the final show of this season at the Rep.  Soon we will be transitioning to the Muny, with a little Shaksperian interlude in between.

On Saturday, May 1st, the Saint Louis Cardinals are sponsoring Bike to Busch.  Cap off Green Week with the Cardinals by taking a relaxing bike ride to Busch!  Join the Great Rivers Greenway-GRG and Metro East Park & Recreation District-MEPRD for Bike to Busch on May 1.  A pre-game “trail-gate” will be held on the Ballpark Village Parking Lot and will feature free bicycle parking, entertainment, and an expo featuring bicycle and eco-friendly vendors.  Attendees to the pre-game “trail-gate” will receive a GRG themed bicycle bell (while supplies last).

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Flowers

  1. Our Spring Blooms are quite a bit behind yours! The tulip trees on the MSU campus are SOOOO close to bursting open, and the forsythia bushes around here have been brilliant explosions of yellow (they looks like small suns!) and are probably within hours of having reached their peak. There’ve been a few crocuses (croci?) and moondrops, and the yards have really greened-up AFTER it got too cold and wet to get out and mow. Hoping the temps warm up enough that I can drain & “summer-ize” the snowblower and test-fire the mower this weekend…

  2. I loved the Fantasticks when I was in high school. The Junior Light Opera group performed the play. I have never seen it done professionally. I hope you are planning to join the Bike to Busch. Always fun at the ballpark. We have opening day on Monday and because it is one of our family “religious” holidays, I am taking the day off from work. We plan to leave the house about 9 AM, walk downtown – stopping for a H1N1 study appointment on the way. Hang around downtown and meander down to the ballpark by 1ish. Gates open at 1:40 or so. Hoping the rain holds off for most of the day, but hey – it is Seattle, go with the flow.

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