Election Results

Chris Lipinski, 48, voted in favor of the Maplewood-Richmond Heights measures, saying a good school district attracts people to move to an area.  “I don’t have kids, but I have to support Maplewood,” he said.

Failure of Y & S would have adversely affected education in our district, but I could not say it any better than this man on the street interview that was published in Wednesday’s Post-Dispatch.

Tuesday was election day.  Anne got up at 4 AM, was at the polls by five, closed the polls at 7 PM and got home just before nine. She worked all day as an election official.  There were just three propositions on the ballot.  Two of them for our school district (Y & S) and one for mass transit (A). All three propositions successfully passed.

I will be traveling to California in June and attending the US Open golf tournament in Pebble Beach.  My brother Chris has purchased tickets.  Now, I’m not a big golf fan and neither is he, but it seems that it would be interesting enough for a day, which is all we’ll watch.

When I was out there earlier this year, the annual AT&T golf tournament was going on there.  Mom, Dad, Chris and I had gone out for dinner on Saturday night and the restaurant was mobbed with golf fans.  I expect that this tournament will be even bigger.

This week the Master’s golf tournament is played in Georgia.  The big news though is that Tiger Woods will be playing in this tournament.  Chris and I hope that he will also play in the US Open tournament in Pebble Beach.  Slate has featured this week the Tiger Woods crank-call generator and previously the Barack Obama crank-call generator.  I give you my version of their fictional conversation.  Remember this is only meant as fun …

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