Worshiping at the Church of the Spoke ‘n Wheel

Saint Louis has enjoyed a week of springtime, almost summertime, weather this week.  With this warmer weather, bicycling has become a lot easier to do and a lot more fun too.  Anne and I had ridden in the Park on Wednesday evening, but I’ve already blogged about that.  I rode again on Thursday for ten more miles and then Friday morning for another twelve.  Today’s header shows dawn’s early light rising over the Washington University-Barnes, Jewish and Children’s hospital complex.  Anne was off Friday and rode eighteen miles in the afternoon.  No big rides, more a lot of little ones, but they add up.  These rides will help build a base for longer rides later this season, just hopefully not too much later this season.

This week was Holy Week and what with Easter this weekend, a lot of kids were off school.  Saint Louis is a very Catholic town.  The Park was overwhelmed on Friday with visitors.  At one point they closed The New I-64 entrance to the Park, due to zoo traffic.

One incentive to get out on the bike everyday, is the explosion of flowering trees around town.  This posts top picture, shows the double line of Bradford Pears that leads to Pagoda Circle.  These trees just popped over night.  Looking at last year’s blog pictures, this year’s spring is running about a week later than last year’s.  Anne gets credit for spotting this year’s first Snowy Egret, with its yellow galoshes.

As Caesar did, I’ve decided to cross the Rubicon.  With any luck, I’ll take the plunge today.  I plan on switching from Sprint to AT&T and I also plan on buying four iPhones.  Dan’s cellphone died this week and thus precipitated this decision.  Rather than purchase another Sprint phone, I’m going to take this opportunity to upgrade.  These will be the first Apple products that I have ever owned.  I’ve always identified with the PC.  Don’t get me wrong, I thought that the Mac’s user interface was pretty cool, when I first saw it, on a Xerox workstation.

Over a year ago, Anne and I were sitting in an Atlanta airport cafe with Sam and JB.  They had two really cool toys.  The first, their Sony camera, I’ve already co-opted.  The second toy that they had and I wanted, was their iPhone.  Its been a year of increasing envy, as next my co-worker Don bought one, not one week after telling me that since I didn’t carry my current cellphone around like a ball and chain, I didn’t deserve one.  The last shoe to drop , was last month when my brother Chris got one too.

So today I plan on crossing over today.  Dan will show up around nine and then Dan, Anne and I will go to the store together.  I figure if we get there early it won’t be too crowded.  😉

5 thoughts on “Worshiping at the Church of the Spoke ‘n Wheel

  1. Janet & I took the “plunge” last July (we had to wait for our multi-year Verizon contract to expire, fend off their pleas to enter a NEW 3-year contract [easy to do, they didn’t have the iPhone]), then make it through until Janet returned from her 5-6 week job with the MSU Archaeology Field School in “middle-of-nowhere”, IL!

    I think I speak for both of us when I way *we* really enjoy our iPhones… being able to check email, listen to music/podcasts, etc., all from a pocket-sized device has been invaluable!


  2. Oh, yeah, and having the Verizon contract expire was also the prime opportunity to spin Val off on her own phone contract with AT&T (it was at her request, too). She, however, resisted the charms of the iPhone, since she already has the iPod Touch…

  3. Oh, I agree with Jane about the store “busy levels” 😉 …. um, if we don’t hear from you in 6 – no, make that 10 hours, we’ll send in the St. Bernards with the whiskey kegs on their collars….

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