I am the Count & I love to count

The 2010 census is upon us.  I was in the Park on Saturday and saw the traveling trailer pictured in today’s header.  It was parked in front of the History Museum.  They were promoting consciousness about this year’s census.  I stopped and picked up a few of the trinkets that they were handing out.

We’ve filled out our census form.  It wasn’t very complicated.  In fact this time around it is easier than before.  For this year’s census, there are only the two of us still living here.  Dan got his own census form and Dave, well who knows.  Anyway the instructions specifically forbid counting an individual who is away at jail, college or a nursing home.  So it is official, in the eyes of the government we are an empty nest.

The only controversy that cropped up this year’s census was that I filled myself in first and as such, I was Person #1.  This left Anne as Person #2, to which she took exception.  I say, if you snooze, you lose.

The only usual question on the census, at least in my mind, was the one that asked about the residence.  The question was phrased, “Is this a house, apartment or mobile home?”  The available answers didn’t have anything to do with what type of dwelling this residence was, but rather how it was paid for.   Like, did we own the place outright or are we still paying for it. 

Anyway it struck me as choice of the only four questions that were asked about the residence in general.  The census’ fixation with April 1st also seems a little problematic, what with the first of April also being April Fools Day.  We’ll mail our already completed form in on Monday.  You should too, after all it is in Constitutional law.  Benjamin Franklin wrote it in to law.

I biked in the Park on Saturday.  I got sixteen miles.  I saw the Knights that fight with Nerf, a Great White Egret and the Muny banners for this summer’s 2010 season.

This year’s Muny season looks better than any of the last few years have been.  I think that the Muny has suffered under the construction of The New I-64.  That is in the past now and this season as more than one new show.

The Muny or more formally, the Saint Louis Municipal Opera is one of the largest and oldest, continually running musical theaters in the nation.  We have been going to it for almost every summer since when we first moved to Saint Louis, thirty years this summer.  Interestingly, The Beauty and the Beast is being billed as the Muny production of Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast.  I checked Wiki and Titanic the Musical does not have My Heart Will Go On in it.

Anne spent all day canvassing for votes.  She was campaigning for the two Maplewood-Richmond Heights school board propositions, Propositions Y & S.  She is kind of tired, having been on her feet all day.  She has dance concert tickets with Joanie tonight.  I hope that she stays awake.

3 thoughts on “I am the Count & I love to count

  1. Am I the only Sucker who got “randomly chosen” to complete that incredibly invasive “American Community Survey”?? Cripes… all this “REQUIRED BY LAW TO RESPOND” stuff regarding personal information on THAT survey is very intimidating, but they don’t even indicate just WHAT the penalties are.

    And… given Ben Franklin’s historical propensity for practical jokes… I have to wonder how hard he’s laughing about this Census stuff compared to the ongoing joke of “daylight savings time” (OMG! That extra hour of daylight is going to BURN UP THE CROPS!!!)??

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