Bicycling Vermont

In 1982, Anne and I had a great adventure, we took off and bicycled for six months. We traveled all around the country, but only just barely visited Vermont on that trip. I think that we only rode six miles in the state. The preceeding picture was from that day. The following paragraph is the log entry for the day that we passed through Vermont.

Day 48 on the bikes, Day 70 in total, Friday, June 11th, From Williams-town, Massachusetts to Round Lake, New York, fifty-five miles:  A slowish start, Pooh doesn’t feel well, even though Mark drank the wine!  It doesn’t take long to cross into Vermont where Mark puts on another shirt, it’s quite cold today.  Very scenic mountains, but fortunately the road just skirts the bottom of the hills.  We mail packages from North Pownal, then head on to New York.  Definitely less mountains now, although it’s still hilly.  Pizza for dinner in Hoosick Falls.

Fast forward almost thirty years, to last summer, when we first returned to Vermont.  We had planned a bicycling vacation in Quebec, with maybe one or two excursions into Vermont.  We ended up actually logging more miles in Vermont than Quebec.  That was alright though, the countryside  was beautiful, both north and south of the border.

We managed to avoid some if not all of the Green Mountain’s hills, because our guides would sometimes trailer us to the top of a large hill to start the day.  The food was a lot better on this trip than the one years ago.  Even if the log does make that pizza sound pretty good.  In 1982 it was just Anne and I on the road.  This last summer, there were nine Team Kaldis members, plus two guides.

When I woke up on Sunday, it was raining.  Anne woke up with a sore throat.  She must have worked too hard on Saturday.  The rain and drizzle persisted through most of the day.  The sun did mange to peek out at the end of the day, but by then it was too late to go for a ride, at least that is how I felt.  So no bike ride on Sunday, just memories of past great rides. 🙁

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