I’m Alive!

I’m alive, if not well.  I’ve had a head cold all weekend.  I’ve taken a sick day on Monday, but I hope to make it back into work on Tuesday. 

Dan made it back from LA on Friday.  He had his second interview with CalArts last week.  He should hear back from them in a week or two.

Dave made it back from Cancun on Sunday.  He had fun in the sun, without getting too sunburned.  He spent his days enjoying the beach.  He also went snorkeling.  He spent his nights in the nightclubs.  Boys gone wild!  He’s promised pictures.

Anne is on Spring Break this week and labors to get our little hovel in shape for Jane’s visit later this week.  The picture with this post is courtesy of Chris.  This concludes this rather anemic post.  I think that I’ll go back to bed now.

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