The Flowers of March

This post is a rather blatant attempt at marketing.  It is directed towards my friends that live in colder, northern climes.  The message that I am trying to convey is, come south, we have Spring here in Saint Louis.  Why wait for your’s?

The pictures of flowers displayed in this post were taken in March of last year.  Today’s header shows some Crocuses that were in the Park last year.  The picture above is of a Chinese Redbud, that is just about ready to pop.  This photo was taken in the Chinese Garden portion of the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

The Bradford Pears pictured above are from the Park.  They line the path between the visitor’s center and Pagoda Circle.   Bradford Pears are beautiful flowering trees, but they must be aggressively pruned.  If they are allowed to grow too large, then Spring’s storms will ravage them.

These Pansies are from the Garden.  They look to me like an impressionist’s portrayal of school girls, all in matching uniforms.  Maybe they are more Disney-like then impressionist, like the dancing flowers that are seen in the movie, Fantasia.

This final picture shows Japanese Cherry blossoms.  What better flower could represent the Japanese Garden in Saint Louis?  The Japanese Garden was one of the first of many notable advancements made under the direction of Peter Raven.  Under Dr. Raven’s forty-year watch the Missouri Botanical Gardens has advanced in stature, so that it is now rated as the third best garden in the world and the best botanical garden in the nation.  The Garden celebrated its 150th anniversary last year.  Raven has announced his retirement and his successor has been picked.  At this point in time the Garden enters a chrysalis, how it will be reborn remains to be seen.

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  1. I just checked the 10-day forecast for St. Louis — if you could also arrange for the rain to hold off while I’m there that would be swell. warm, sunny, and no rain. excellent. thank you. 😉

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