Spring Cleaning

These two pictures of a Redheaded Woodpecker were taken a week ago Saturday.  They were taken in the Park.  That was the last time I have been on the bike.  I had hoped to get back on the bike this last Saturday, but other things came up instead.  Today’s header was taken a few days ago.  It shows a gibbous moon, daring to be greater.  Today, Sunday, the moon is full.

I didn’t go biking on Saturday afternoon, because Anne and I were working together, upstairs in Dave’s room.  To be more accurate, I was working in Dave’s room and Anne was working just outside of Dave’s room, in the hallway.  Saturday, if we didn’t finish the job that Anne and Dave had started over Christmas break, we came darn close.

When Rey came to visit with us last fall, we felt bad that he had to sleep on the couch.  Neither of the two upstairs’ bedrooms were habitable at the time.  When Jane first showed interest in visiting Saint Louis, Anne spurred Dave into several room cleaning sessions.  When Jane’s arrival became more indeterminate, the room cleaning effort lost focus too.  This week, Jane firmed up her travel plans, this set our wheels once again into motion.

We hauled twenty-five trash bags down to the basement.  They’ll go out on Tuesday.  We also hauled three bags for Goodwill down.  It was exhausting work, we feel rewarded with what we have accomplished.  So Dave’s room is down and Dan’s room is yet to go, and then there is the basement.

5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I am speechless. I am without speech.
    Dave – I hope they didn’t throw out anything you needed…
    and now I must go throw out some of my own stuff.

  2. So maybe my mild nagging at the kids to organize their stuff has been a good thing. Although I do need to go through the kids clothes and get those that will not be worn out to somebody that will use them. The basement – yeah. That is where our real workload resides.

  3. Jane,

    Dave and I had actually done a lot of the whittling down over break. He was more disposed to pitch things than I was. He also used the time-honored trick, as practiced by his mom and his aunts, of moving stuff into your sibling’s room. He rationalized this by, “well, these are Dan’s big vehicles, and he may want them for his art.”


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