San Francisco Maritime

The San Francisco Maritime is a National Historical Park.  It is situated just west of Fisherman’s Wharf on the Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco Bay.  The park includes a fleet of historic vessels.

The Balclutha, pictured above and in part, in today’s header is the centerpiece of the park’s boat collection.  The Balclutha is a steel-hulled full-rigged ship that was built in 1886, in Glasgow.  Her namesake is said to be the city Balclutha, New Zealand.  The ship was built to haul lumber.  It was just refurbished last year.

The Eureka is a  wooden-hulled, side-wheel paddle steamboat.  She operated in the Bay Area, ferrying train cars and passengers.  Starting in the 1930s, with the building of the Golden Gate Bridge and then later the Bay Bridge, the days of the ferry boats were numbered.  But the Eureka continued in service until 1957 when her crankpin snapped in mid-crossing.

The mooring cleat pictured above is the bow and the string instrument featured in the following video, Creaking Moorings, is the paddle tug, Eppleton Hall.  The movie is not much to look at, but it is great to hear.  It puts you right on the waterfront.

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